2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

Pascal Tiphine

Pascal Tiphine

Joel Thibault

Joel Thibault

Chef Pascal Tiphine, one of Whistler's original restaurateurs, wasn't one for fancy sauces or sparse Parisian cuisine. Rather, his food was "country-French" — the kind of hearty, wholesome fare right from the land, the kind of food that makes you feel replete. It was just like the chef himself — down-to-earth, honest, authentic. 

For more than three decades, Tiphine was a key figure in Whistler's restaurant scene, seeing it grow and having a role in taking it from its nascent beginnings through the commercial boom to a world class food destination. The first restaurant he opened was Madame’s Bistro, followed by Sundial Restaurant, Les Deux Gros and finally Les Gros.

"He was always welcoming, social, making sure everybody was comfortable and well served," said friend Bob Barnett. "And he liked to have fun.”


Born in France November 18, 1943 Joel Thibault immigrated to Vancouver in 1966. He mastered his craft as a restaurateur in Chamonix, the French Riviera, the William Tell Restaurant, Le Creperie, Umberto's La Galleria in Seattle, Chez Joel's in Vancouver and Whistler and his latest venture Bavaria Restaurant. Joel had a unique way of making everyone he met feel special.

Before he moved to Whistler in 1985, Thibault had a go at growing grapes and making wine in the Okanagan from 1983 to 1985. "It didn’t go as I expected. I decided to go back to Whistler to do what I do best, and that’s manage restaurants.”

Chez Joel in Gastown was doing just fine at the time. Still, his heart was in the mountains, and as a veteran of European ski resorts, he saw the potential that Whistler offered.

"With my experience in the Alps, I could see what was going on in Whistler as it was becoming a super resort, and of course, loving the mountain life, I wanted to be involved with that," said Thibault.

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